EXCEL 365 FOR BEGINNERS 2021 EDITION: Guide on Mastering Excel 365 Application with Proper Illustrations

What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel or simply put Excel is defined as a spreadsheet application
developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices, and
it has features of calculation, graphing, pivot tables, and
a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. With
this application, you can complete some important tasks. You can use it to
make list of items and the data that back the items up.
It is an enterprise application. In this 21st century, many companies cannot
work smoothly without the use of this software in their computers. Because
of its importance, companies recommend it to the IT department among other
applications they work with when starting their companies. This will make
the IT experts to install it among other applications.

Who can make use of Microsoft Excel?
There are many people that can make use of Microsoft Excel including the

Individuals that compose list of items and make use of formulas
Students who want to learn Microsoft software skills for Tech
Companies for compilations of reports and other important data
Teachers for preparation of students results and compilations of
entire students’ information
Enterprise for office report and financial purposes

You need to learn Excel 365 mainly to equip yourself with the latest skill in
Microsoft Excel application. Also, you need it to easily fit into workplaces
and be able to complete basic skills involving the use of spreadsheet. For
long time to come, Excel 365 will be the spreadsheet program you will be
seeing in most Windows computers and the earlier you start learning the skill
the better for you.

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