R Programming

Learn R for Applied Statistics: With Data Visualizations and Statistics


Who is this book for?

This book is primarily targeted to programmers or learners who want to learn R programming for statistics. This book will cover using R programming for descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, regression analysis, and data visualizations.

How is this book structured?

The structure of the book is determined by following two requirements:
• This book is useful for beginners to learn R programming for statistics.
• This book is useful for experts who want to use this book as a reference.

In this book, you will use R for applied statistics, which can be used in the data understanding and modeling stages of the CRISP DM (data mining) model. Data mining is the process of mining the insights and knowledge from data. R programming was created for statistics and is used in academic and research fields.

R programming has evolved over time and many packages have been created to do data mining, text mining, and data visualizations tasks. R is very mature in the statistics field, so it is ideal to use R for the data exploration, data understanding, or modeling stages of the CRISP DM model.

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