Literature Research Books

Fundamental of Research Methodology and Statistics

Chapter–1: Perception of Research .
Chapter–2: Assortment of a Problem
Chapter–3: Appraise of Related Literature.

Chapter–4: Foundation of Hypothesis
Chapter–5: Research Planning and Sampling
Chapter–6: Survey Method
Chapter–7: Historical Method.

Chapter–8: Philosophical Method
Chapter–9: Experimental Method
Chapter–10: Case Study Method
Chapter–11: Genetic Method.

Chapter–12: Design of Experiment
Chapter–13: Tools of Research
Chapter–14: Collection of Data
Chapter–15: Analysis of Data
Chapter–16: Research Report.

Chapter–17: Action Research
Chapter–18: Organisation of Statistical Data
Chapter–19: Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter–20: Measures of Variability
Chapter–21: Correlation Bibliography.

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