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Python Bookcamp: Exercises and Projects

Prerequisite Knowledge

The target readers for this book are those who are new to Python programming. The book will be super easy for the readers with the least coding experience in any other high-level computer language. I assume that you can download a software installer following the online instructions and you already installed Python on your computer. So, I do not spend time on this topic. It is because you can find them easily both online and offline.

Who is this book for?

In short, you can pick the book if the answer is β€œyes” to the following
  • Have you never programmed before, but eager to learn
  • Python?
  • Do you have experience with one or more high-level
  • programming languages, but want to learn Python this
  • time?
  • Do you want to explore the Python basics step-by-step,
  • but as quickly as possible?
  • Do you want to be familiar with object-oriented
  • concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction,
  • and encapsulation?
  • Do you know how to install software on a machine and
  • then set up the coding environment?
  • Do you like to review your knowledge before you use
  • Python in advanced fields such as data science, machine
  • learning?

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