Complete Downloading Guide

Tools You need

The tools which are required to Download the Courses or SourceFile From Million Courses then you must have these Tools installed in your Computer, Laptops or MobilePhonesWinrar ( For PCs & Laptops )

  • Any zip file Extracting tool
    • WinRar (Recommended)
    • UTorrent

Steps to Follow:-

  1. First Click the download Button.
  2. You’ll get a zip file.
  3. Extract the file in your desired folder
  4. After Extracting the file you’ll get a torrent file.
  5. Click the file. If you’ve installed the utorrent file in your laptop or phone the file will automatically open in utorrent
  6. Choose the desired folder to save your downloaded course file
  7. Start the Download and wait until it downloads.

That’s all go ahead you are one step ahead to learn. Don’t forget to leave the feedback

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